New Twitter Terms to Twalk About

Thursday, 19 February 2009

You shout out to your Tweeps, poll Tweeple for advice and scoff at the Twitteratti who live-tweet their every move. You may have even ventured to a TweetUp or two. But have you heard the latest Twitter lingo?

@alisond’s Twitter Vocabulary

I’ve often found myself struggling to find the right word to convey a certain real world/Twitterverse behavior crossover. I couldn’t, so I made up a few of my own, completely original Twitter terms.


verb: To complain, gripe or bitch on Twitter
Ex. @alisond is twitching about the MBTA making her late again.

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The Fatal Facebook Flaw…and How to Get Around It

Monday, 16 February 2009

Using HTML Apps to Make Facebook Work for You

Facebook has always positioned itself as kind of the anti-MySpace: no auto-play on audio or video, once they allowed music players at all; strict profile limitations and restrictions on customization; and, most frustratingly, pretty much no HTML allowed anywhere. And while they’ve proven themselves and passed MySpace in popularity, their page functionality leaves a lot to be desired.

Yes, I hate MySpace as much, if not more, than the next person, and I’ve always admired the neatness and predictability of the Facebook profile, but when you’re using Facebook pages to promote a product, service, brand or business, their crazy rules start to get in the way of actual, effective or interesting marketing.

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