You pay for what you get

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Isn’t this what AOL did back in the day when they were the ISP, like, 10 years ago?

Everyone had AOL when I was in 7th and 8th grade, and real, postal email boxes were always filled with CDs boasting “1500 hours of AOL-FREE!” AOL and Time Warner merged in 2000, but Time Warner apparently forgot to get their facts straight and thinks they have this groundbreaking internet billing system based on usage. Yes, paying for what you use is a truly innovative idea. What’s next in technological advances, rotary cell phones?

Maybe they’re trying to appeal to older people who are less likely to use the internet, like my grandmother who loves her pre-paid cell phone. Or they could be trying to cut down usage. You know, like how you put on a sweater when you have to pay for heat?

Most likely, they’re looking for a way to make more money. ‘Cuz for every Scrooge who turns off all the lights the second they leave a room, there are a couple hundred colege kids who are online 24-7, guzzling more bandwidth than beer.

Unless the internet suddenly became another precious resource we’re wasting, Time Warner is trying to cash in on the round-the-clock internet addiction that social networks have elevated to an art. AIM made us want to stay online all night so everyone could see what we were doing; social networks made us want to stay awake and see what everyone else was doing too.

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Even bad sex sells

Tuesday, 08 January 2008

Definitely “lol”ed when I saw this commercial the other night. However, once my Julie Roberts-esque cackling subsided, I started to think about the subtext of the ad (as I am wont to do), and my brain was off and running. Watch the 15 second clip, then finish reading while you wait for your pizza to arrive.

Domino’s and CP + B are helping to further my theory that advertising is more sexist to men these days than to women. I alluded to that in this post and I’ve become increasingly aware and convinced of this shift since. Traditionally sexist ads and images of women are being turned around to make fun of themselves and old stereotypes, so men have become the new fall guy used to inject laughter into otherwise humorless ads.

Women can laugh at this average joe’s misguided attempt at romance. Tip: greasy pizza and rushed sex does not an orgasm make, my friend. Men will laugh at the guy’s expense, ‘cuz who wants to be that two-pump-chump?

What I think is really funny is the expression on the woman’s face. She’s so earnest and sincere; she doesn’t mock her man, but asks very honestly and seriously what they will do for the other 28 minutes. This is where the real humor could have come from in this ad, if they had taken it a step further and had some great sarcastic line for her. Or gone the over-the-top, macho route and had him demanding a blow job (or something TV appropriate) from the couch while dialing Domino’s.

I could be wrong, and while my versions of the ad demonstrate why I am not working in TV commercials and am best suited for the internet, somewhere in that sex crazed text above is a valid point. Men can’t take a joke the way women can, even to sell more pizza. Or beer. Or whatever will make them money. So their egos are doomed to remain larger than their…wallets.

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